Paul Flynn

My name is Paul Flynn,
I’m a Photographer and Video Editor.

I found my way into the arts at an early age. Growing up in the United Kingdom and being the son of an artist, it seemed only natural to find ways to be creative. At first, I would be found joining my father into the farmers fields of Northumberland to draw the British landscapes. I then discovered my fathers SLR camera and began to take photographs.

In 1990 my family inherited a house in the East Coast of Canada and made the decision to move. Moving to this vast country at a young age was challenging, but the beauty of my new world could only inspire. Throughout my childhood I was very much involved in the arts. I now live in Toronto, where I work as a Senior Video Editor for a major Canadian broadcaster.

I use photography as a creative outlet and can be found walking the various areas of the city with a camera in hand. My favourite styles to shoot are long exposure, cityscape and street photography.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Dustin William @thelandofdustin]

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